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This was made by Ch Daniel.

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It's very simple: I'm running my main business, which has got tens of thousands of paying customers and ~6,000,000+ all-time viewers.

(On a side-note, we’re also building the best eSignature software right now!)

I heard about building in public a few years ago, and really loved the concept, but thought it's not for me, as my audience is not influenced/benefitted from building Legit Check By Ch in public.

However, I am now building a side-product for LCBC — it's called PriceUnlock. And it is aimed at an audience that Building in Public reaches. So here we are!

The Cheatsheet initially represented my notes, but as I shared it with others, it got some positive feedback: it was not only wanted, but also needed. I made a few extra steps (which I wouldn't have done if it was just a private note) and here we are.

I also plan to expand on it, as the responsibility is on my shoulders. I hope these 'private' notes would help you get started, or help you become a better builder in public.

Don't forget to duplicate the Cheatsheet, delete what's not relevant and make it your own.

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"There's no one more committed to Building in Public like Daniel. Not only is he doing it, but he's built a beautiful database of other founders building in public so we can all support each other. I'm a huge fan and reader!"

Nathan Latka,

"Incredible resource for building in public! Daniel did an excellent job with this comprehensive guide and cheatsheet."

Simon Høiberg, FeedHive

"Great resource! I'll be using this as I build my startup. Build in Public is a powerful way to build rapport with customers, and this how-to cheatsheet makes it crystal clear."

Nick Freiling, SurveySays

“The essential playbook for building your startup in public”

Muhammad AT, Appflowz

"A go-to resource for anyone building digital businesses"

Federico Jorge, Stack Against

"It's a wonderful resource, super actionable and incredibly pragmatic. It's very clear that this is experience distilled into insight."

Arvid Kahl, writer of "Zero to Sold"

"Daniel’s been an absolute inspiration for Building in Public! BIP is responsible for a majority of our startup’s success to date!"

Chris Lu, Copy.Ai

"You’ve been doing incredible work for years, educating indie hackers through your articles and tweets. This guide is taking it to the logical conclusion, empowering us to educate each other by building in public!"

Ben Barbersmith, SQL for Humans

“I love your content Daniel! It's like peeling an onion. Layer after layer the intensity of the content gets stronger and stronger until you end up crying”

Samuil Plamenov

"I am huge fan of frameworks. This cheatsheet generalizes how to build in public step by step and provides makers like me an easy way to get started"

Dominik Sobe, ProductFlari and StorePreviewer

“Absolutely amazing! Very insightful and inspiring!”

Momcilo Popov,